Welcome to Maidenwood, the free erotic gallery of Alejandro Gutiérrez Franco

This is the the side of fantasy our grandmother's tales never mentioned. These are VERY explicit images; some people may find them shocking, but at the same time, tastefully aesthetic. I just want to keep the tradition of the pinups that many around the world enjoy and collect.

12 Color Pinups

12 B&W Pinups

12 Hot Scenes

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They are mixed media illustrations; traditional pencil tracing and digital color rendering, usually in Photoshop. Hand made textured papers are used a lot, as they give the necessary natural quality to the works.

Don't forget that all the persons that participate in these artwork pieces -humans, elves, gnomes, dryads or dwarfs-, are consenting adults (in their proper life spans), and they agreed to be portrayed in these intimate images. They may have particular reasons, tough: to tease a neighbor, to revenge of a cheating mate or simply to make a friend jealous. Most of the long eared ones are here just for fun!

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